Crushing on Experiential Retail

By: Kathryn Katalinich, Business Development Director

My Love Letter to Retail,

I absolutely adore brick and mortar and understand there’s a lot of pressure right now: to update the in-store experience to keep up with the new generation of shoppers. There is so much to do, I know it can seem overwhelming and I feel your pain! Some of you have the ability to embrace this shift immediately and others are a little further away. Our team at MaxMedia completely understands this and is here to help. Together we can do this!

Our dream for retail is that you all embrace your Unique Experience Signature. There is ALWAYS a story to be told, ALWAYS a way to engage with your shopper’s emotions and ALWAYS a way to increase brand love and loyalty! Don’t lose faith my retail friends, we can do this!

You and I are both passionate about what we do and want to make an impact with today’s shopper. We are in this together and can make a difference and stir the emotions that keep shoppers craving more.

There are so many beautiful sides to you, my darling Retail, let me count the ways...



My sexy apparel, when you entice me with the newest top then show a little leg with your skirts and dresses.. You drive me crazy!
With 2017 comes new retail concepts. Personalization and custom experiences are on the rise. 2017 will be the year of the smart store and the apparel sector will have to work harder than ever to overcome disruptive ecommerce upstarts and subscription services. Some apparel brands seem to be ahead of this curve and are embracing their Unique Experience Signatures with immersive experiences, and emotional product stories. I am smitten with apparel brands that are craving innovation and experimentation!

[fontspecial]Athletic Wear[/fontspecial]

Athletic wear, you make my heart flutter with all of your options for fitness and now athleisure has me spending relaxing weekends with you too!
Athletic Apparel has a story that’s waiting to be told, from the latest innovation in sports textiles to the brands’ connections with superior athletes or events, IoT-enabled gear that regulates, and enhances performance. All of these stories can be told with Unique Experience Signatures that uphold the brand promise and brand experience inside of brick and mortar.


Automotive my dear, I love how you held my hand when I purchased my new car this year.. Thank you for making me feel special all along the way…
We particularly love working with automotive brands that truly embrace the emotional side of their brand. With technology like AI and emotion sensors inside their vehicles, the automotive industry understands how important it is to embrace innovation and to create a holistic customer experience. From innovating the dealership experience to pop up retail that lure in unsuspecting new car buyers, automotive innovation satisfies our craving for new clients.


Beloved Beauty, I just can’t say no to you. All the new products...the shades, the colors, the scents.
Beauty is an exceptional place to create Unique Experience Signatures and engage with loyal customers through interaction, education and building trust. When engaging a customer there are so many touch points to enhance or create brand love: from a warm welcome, to the atmosphere and navigation inside the store, the tactical opportunities to engage customers with “touch and feel” moments.

[fontspecial]Big Box[/fontspecial]

Oh sweet big box retailer, when I walk in for a specific item or two and end up redesigning my living room.. I love every second with you.
Working with Big Box retail is a beautiful blend of strategy and creative, or as a current client says, “a blend of art with science.” There are unlimited opportunities to create Unique Experience Signatures within Big Box retailers, each department is a canvas for customer interaction! I adore working with these retailers because each department/category has it’s own challenges for MaxMedia’s creative and strategy teams to solve and incorporate solutions that include the holistic experience of the brand experience inside the four walls.

[fontspecial]Consumer Packaged Goods[/fontspecial]

Each of my CPG sweeties have such an impact on my life, from fizzy sodas tantalizing my taste buds to detergents that caress my clothes so sweetly… I can’t imagine my life without you..
I love CPG because the possibilities are endless! From pop-ups and activations to in-store experiences, we love bringing our innovation A-team to solve challenges, enhance interactions, and create even more brand love to leave customers with something to talk about.


Beautiful footwear I can never get enough of you.. Every time I think I have enough, BAM, Another style.. Ours is a love affair…
Shoe brands form deep emotional connections with customers. Enhancing this connection is key to creating engaging experiences within brick and mortar. Footwear is a shoe-in for creating Unique Experience Signatures that turn customers into brand ambassadors.


My luscious luxury, I just can’t get enough of you.. But honey we should start splitting the tab.
Luxury is the king of experiential retail—offering personalized experiences leveraging mobile in-store, using virtual and augmented reality to engage and enhance the shopping experience. These tactics are creating a more visceral experience that not only leverages technology but trigger emotions and a sense of community. We adore working with Luxury as these brands have a clear brand promise and brand experience, which is an ideal starting point for creating Unique Experience Signatures that leave customers craving more.

[fontspecial]Outdoor Gear[/fontspecial]

Outdoor gear, you continue to inspire me to be more adventurous and encourage my love of nature and exploration. We are a great pair!
We believe that brands have a story to tell with each product they carry. Outdoor Gear has embraced innovation in their products, so let’s tell the story inside of brick and mortar! From “off the ground” tents, drones that follow and film, boots that don’t stick to ice, t-shirts that actually cool you down, ecological-friendly products, safer climbing gear, IoT gear and gadgets, these all have a story to tell and hold opportunities to inspire and educate customers. We craft Unique Experience Signatures to tell these compelling stories and leave the customer feeling positive and excited about their purchase.

[fontspecial]Quick Service Restaurants[/fontspecial]

Oh my QSR, because sometimes a quickie is all we have time for…
Innovation in the QSR space is on the cusp of major transformation. Top QSR brands have been focusing on enhancing the customer experience from enhancing employee engagement to speeding up wait times, to enhancing efficiency in the drive-thru with digital menu boards. Next on the menu for QSR: craft innovative digital solutions that are on-brand and exceed the diners’ expectations.


My darling Retail, I adore you.

Let’s spend some more time together, if you know what I mean…

Kathryn Katalinich