Don't Skip a Beat

By: Kathryn Katalinich, Business Development Director

[fontspecial][/fontspecial] Record Store Day, on April 22nd, celebrates the culture of independently owned brick-and-mortar record stores. As most of you remember, record stores were far more than just a place to find hidden gems and expand your music collection. For those of you who have never known music to come from anywhere but an iPod or satellite radio, let me explain. Record stores were truly a community experience: a place to meet new and old friends, and a way to experience life with your own personal soundtrack.

No matter how much the music industry has changed, the power of music remains consistent. Music has a beautiful way to bring back old memories, create new ones and establish emotional connections from the very first note.

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We watched together as many of the big and small record stores closed, one by one. (Sound familiar, retail?)  While the downfall of mammoth record store chains is complete, the indie record store scene is on the rise.  Records have surpassed digital music sales in the past two months! This is an interesting, and perhaps unique trend to watch in the digital age."

The music industry in general has embraced one of their foundational tenets: they understand “experience” is KEY to survival. We see brick-and-mortar record stores and music entertainment venues embrace innovation in the form of pop-up shows/concerts, pop-up retail selling music, merch and art at festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo.  Live Nation has embraced the enhancement of the concert experience with the Foundation Room VIP Access at the House of Blues and other well known venues across the country...I could go on and on.   

The common theme is that we must embrace EXPERIENCE to tap into today’s consumers, fans and influencers. Whether an experience inside a retail brick-and-mortar store, a rockin’ music venue or a brand pushing the limits of a traditional pop-up, these are the businesses that thrive today.  

Embrace innovation.  Embrace the change. Change is inevitable so align yourself with the right partners, lean into it and have fun with it!  Crank up the music and together, let’s make incredible experiences, create new memories and emotionally connect.  Let’s create something memorable.