Keep Them Coming Back for More

By: Jeff Doud, Executive Creative Director

[fontspecial][/fontspecial] At MaxMedia we design and build immersive and often interactive experiences for the physical environment. This includes retail environments and where people gather in public spaces. With an emphasis on storytelling, we evaluate the brand promise and how to activate it in a way that delights people and heightens their senses. More importantly we consider how to engage and surprise customers, visitors and guests to inspire return visits.

Our work at the AT&T Flagship Store in San Francisco is one example. We delivered on this client’s request for “a spectacular entertainment experience”. A 48’ x 5’ curved display plays a dynamic and super colorful series of animations that tell the stories of Connected Life, Entertainment, and Arts and Culture, all customized for a San Francisco audience. This piece of daring led to the DailyDOOH award for the “Best Overall Retail or Mall Experience”.

We invite you stop by and see it if you are in the city. Why? People expect much more today than an average experience. They expect to be wowed and bowled over in an environment full of pathos and knowledge of the human heart and mind. This store exceeds these expectations. Is it asking too much to reach these heights in every retail environment? We don’t think so, and we experiment with new concepts every day to continue on this path.

We challenge ourselves to find new and unique avenues to touch people in unforgettable ways. We have explored numerous sensors and technologies that connect to the senses through sight, sound, smell, vibration, and of course touch – blending digital and physical components. Emotions are a connector with all people, and we integrate the power of the mind in our solutions. Our storytelling skills have served us well on this front.

We are now developing a key workflow for creating mind-blowing imagery that can change continuously for days and days. We call it generative ‘coded’ art. This is a process where animations draw from libraries of photos, video, graphical elements, and color that are driven to screens, projections, AR and VR by a code base that controls movement and the operations of the composited results. It can even respond to music in real time.

This in our view is the workflow of the future – no rendering, but a code base that can be simply updated to make enormous variations of content millisecond by millisecond. The promise of ever-increasing computer power will help us drive larger and larger aspect ratios for airports, hotels, sports venues, and museums. This process is underway, so stay tuned for surprises from MaxMedia that will stir your imagination.