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Vision Source, the second largest optical retailer in the U.S., debuted an “Office of the Future,” turning to MaxMedia to create the digital content. This material is generally viewed by customers awaiting an appointment with an optometrist, conversing with an optician, or browsing eyewear styles. The new digital content was strategically designed to be both informative and enticing.

Focusing on three areas of the practice, MaxMedia implemented digital content that influences pivotal points of the customer journey. Beginning with a welcome message and branded content at the store entry, the customers’ expectations are elevated from the initial touch point. Once inside the practice, a triptych of beautiful lifestyle imagery and natural settings is meant to calm customers during wait times while educating them on eye health and wellness in an easily understandable format.  

Lastly, given that today’s ultra-connected shoppers rely heavily on peer reviews and input from social networks when shopping online, the Customer Love and Appreciation Wall was created and brought to the brick and mortar optical experience. The wall is comprised of nine enterprise-grade screens and features a moderated social feed depicting social media posts from people showing off their new, fashionable eyewear.  

The effect on those inside the store is subtle, yet highly influential. The shopping experience at Vision Source becomes validated once customers see other delighted customers that purchased the same stylish items.

This carefully crafted content forms an ecosystem that enhances the customer experience, helping to shift the perception of the visit from a medical necessity to an enjoyable shopping trip, while also providing visual reinforcement of the Vision Source brand.

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9 22" square, enterprise-grade screens

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7 beautiful time-lapse scenes

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